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Oct 2009

Burn Machine and Why Wheatgrass Websites Launched

We are pleased to announce that in our quest to bring more natural health and wellness to the world, we have successfully launched two new sister websites.

The first is at

Our company has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of the innovative Burn Machine™ range of exercise equipment. The Burn Machine™ is a revolutionary line of exercise equipment that allows users to improve muscle strength and endurance. The unique patented asymmetrical counter weight and 360 degree rotating handles creates a unique functional exercise that trains range of motion, flexibility, balance and strength at the same time. For more information, please visit the website below.

The second website that was relaunched today is at

This website is dedicated to providing useful information and resources for growing and consuming wheatgrass juice. We at Pure Health are big advocates of the natural nourishing qualities of wheatgrass juice and other green drinks. We also recommend growing wheatgrass at home. Our website provides directions as well as access to wheatgrass supplies to grow wheatgrass at home.

72 Years Old in Perfect Health

Here's a short news story about a 72 year old man in great health. Now while the story is a great tribute to him, the point I would like to stress is in the newscasters commentary.

We all know that we should strive to emulate those people who have achieved great health. We know what they do. Among the core principles are that they eat a natural vegetarian diet and they exercise regularly.

We live in a world of cause and effect. If we want great health, just follow the habits of healthy individuals. But sadly, the commentary by the newscasters are the exact opposite. So they are laughing now but what do you think they will look like at age 72?

Watch the video yourself and see what you think: